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We affirm The Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement.*

To summarize:

We believe that the triune God created all things for the praise of his glorious grace.

We believe that the Christian Bible is God’s word to us, true and trustworthy in every line.

We believe that humanity’s greatest problem is our rebellion against the Lord, our Maker, leading to a love of self. Our deepest need is to be reconciled to him through the gospel.

We believe that God reconciles, redeems and renovates people by the cross of Jesus Christ and his triumphant resurrection. There Christ satisfied the just wrath of a holy God and conquered humanity’s greatest threat—death. This gospel is God’s power to save you.

We believe that through empty-handed trust in Jesus Christ a sinner is counted eternally righteous. This is a trust that turns from sin and reliance on self to bow gratefully before Jesus Christ.

We believe that a Christian is a person who strives to follows the biblical Jesus absolutely.

We believe that the Holy Spirit guides and empowers Christ’s followers toward holiness and witness; he also gives gifts to his people for service to God, the church and the world.

We believe that the church is a radically diverse gathering of guilty rebels who have been gloriously transformed and who covenant together to care for each other spiritually and materially. We reside as strangers and sojourners and seek to live as salt and light for the good of our community.

We believe that Jesus of Nazareth will return to gather his followers to paradise and to punish all those who refuse his grace. We urge every one to consider carefully the claims of Jesus and to explore his life and teaching.

Read our full confession of faith here.

*With the author’s permission, we have made one minor addition.

The gospel is God's power to save you.