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Children's Activities

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We know that you as parents want to protect your children and see them grow. We also understand that, especially with little ones, participation in a worship service can be challenging.

Our Nursery and Children’s Ministry exist to provide a safe and caring environment for kids of all ages so you can have the freedom and confidence to engage in the corporate worship gathering. Every person who serves in our Nursery and Children’s Ministry undergoes extensive training, submits to a background check, and agrees to abide by our Child Protection Policy.

You know your children best, so whether you keep them with you during the entire service or make use of the nurseries and children’s classes, we know that you will find a safe, caring environment for them to grow.


Your First Visit

The nursing mother's room, nurseries and children's classrooms are located through the double doors on the left of the auditorium. When you're ready to take your child to the appropriate nursery or class, you will meet two workers for that room. These workers can explain the schedule and safety protocols for you, and you can ask any questions or make them aware of special diet or allergy needs for your child. You can then sign your child into the room, leaving your number in case we need you during the service.


During the worship service at 10:00 am, we offer the following:

Infants and Toddlers (ages 1-2) – Two separate nurseries. The Toddlers nursery offers a time of singing, a children's Bible story, and a snack, as well as plenty of play time

Gospel Project

Pre-School (ages 3-4)

5:5 Class (K5-5th grade)

Our Pre-School and 5:5 kids enjoy The Gospel Project curriculum for their respective age groups. We chose The Gospel Project for the following six reasons:

1. Biblically Focused - Takes the kids systematically through the Bible in four years

2. Christ Focused - Each lesson has a connection to Christ

3. Redemtion-History Focused - Kids learn the storyline of Scripture and how it all fits together

4. Gospel Focused - Kids review basic tenants of the Gospel each week

5. Family Focused - Parents are given discipleship resources to further implement the lessons

6. Community Focused - The curriculum gets kids excited about worshipping Jesus and sharing with their friends