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What to Expect

What's Typical on a Sunday Morning?

We preach from an ancient text with sometimes disturbingly relevant and modern applications. We sing new songs and old songs. Some people wear ties, some people wear jeans, and some people wear ties with their jeans! More than anything, our body desires to love God with our entire heart, soul, mind and strength. So don’t expect a traditional service, but don’t expect a contemporary one either. Expect to find a group of people growing in their love for God and each other, and expect them to challenge you to do the same.

But doesn’t every church desire its people to grow in their love for God and each other? Is there a difference? Let us suggest a few differences that make Grace unique:

the gospel

Many good churches teach that the gospel is for non-Christians. At Grace, we believe that both non-Christians and Christians need the gospel.


If you go to a local church you might experience teaching on relevant topics. When you come to Grace you’ll hear from timeless books that are way more relevant than we might think! At Grace, we don’t believe doctrine is just for the experts; solid doctrine is for every Christian.


Many good churches encourage discipleship by having a program to meet each person’s needs. At Grace, we focus on and expect one-to-one discipleship to take place in specific ministries. To read about some of these ministries, see our Get Involved page.


Many good churches have organizational executives who run the church. The elders at Grace are muddy shepherds, leading the people by being with the people.


Many churches enjoy light, entertaining music with loud instruments. At Grace, we praise with gravity and gladness, lifting our voices as a congregation.


At some churches it is easy to come to church and easy to leave. At Grace, membership is meaningful, with high expectations for your involvement. We encourage all hands on deck.


Join us on Sunday at 10 am if Grace sounds like the place for you to grow. Or join us if you have difficult questions. We want to work together to answer your questions.