What should I expect?

As we gather on Sundays at 10am, you will observe an array of clothing preferences in the pews and in the pulpit. Our Sunday morning service includes prayer, several songs, public reading of Scripture, and a gospel-oriented sermon and typically lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Much of our congregation also enjoys spending time together for thirty minutes or so after the service.

What is a Bible Church?

A Bible church is an independent congregation committed to the truthfulness, authority and sufficiency of the Christian Bible.

How can I connect?

Grace is made up of friendly people who want to get to know you when you arrive – so getting connected often happens without much effort. But in addition to that, we have weekly Grace Group meetings in various locations around the Upstate. Follow this link for more information on Grace Groups. Also, if you are interested in becoming a member of Grace Bible Church, we offer an “Essential Grace” class, which gives more detailed information about the church.  Contact us below for more details.

Are you traditional or contemporary?

We preach from an ancient text with sometimes disturbingly relevant and modern applications. We sing new songs and old songs. Some people wear ties, some people wear jeans, and some people wear ties with their jeans! More than anything, our body desires to love God with our entire heart, soul, mind and strength. So don’t expect a traditional service, but don’t expect a contemporary one either. Expect to find a group of people growing in their love for God and each other, and expect them to challenge you to do the same.

Contact Us

107 West Rd
Moore, SC 29369